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César Ortiz is a native Bogotan who now resides in New York City. After dedicating more than a decade in Colombia together with Sebastian Gelves (The Zebastian) to the project Horizontes Ignorados, later known as The RUIDO, he has now begun a new musical journey as a solo artist under the name of CITADINO EXPRESS.

The Rock and Roll and the poetry that characterize his lyrics come together again on this road, evoking the urban landscapes that frame his experiences between the two cities, exploring new sounds and atmospheres that relate from the crudedness of his personal life, to the universe of the dream world.

Influenced by bands such as Extremoduro, Marea and La Fuga (to mention a few) his influences also include Spanish Rock classics such as Spinetta and Charly Garcia. Musically he has explored from Punk, Urban Rock and Acoustic Folk, to experimenting with other more alternative genres that blend to create a unique alchemy in his style, which with great dynamism manages to amalgamate in a diverse spectrum of songs.


- He is currently working on his debut album 'Entre el Infierno y la Lluvia' completely in charge of its production.


PH: Carol Guerrero


''I witnessed a terminal chaos and the senselessness took over the compass. Rowing and breathing, I do not belong to this sea. Time is only smoke and that's it... whenever I want I sink.''
Citadino Express